10 Signs You’re Becoming an Awesome Fit Girl

10 Signs You’re Becoming an Awesome Fit Girl

So, you’re an athletic, muscular, fit girl who likes to work out and lift weights— basically, you’re AWESOME. Want to know what else comes with that awesomeness?! Besides the comments that leave you shaking your head and speechless, you get constant reminders of your greatness.  Here are just a few!

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1. Shopping is going to be your most dreaded task.


I am not kidding on this one. People say they love shopping on the swiss avenue when they are overweight because “everything fits them”…Try being in shape—having muscular legs, a booty, and a thick back. You will struggle to find anything thing that fits you right! Even clothes that are made for working out are going to leave you irate at times. When you have to go up 3 dress sizes because your back won’t fit into the size your waist and hips do, you know you have struck the jacked lottery,

2. People will ask to feel your muscles.

personal space

This one I still don’t understand but hey, maybe it’s like the equivalent of asking a pregnant lady to feel her belly?  I can’t say for sure (I have never been pregnant) but I can’t tell you the number of times someone has asked if they can feel my biceps, or asked me to flex for them. I am not sure about everyone else, but this is always super awkward and you’re faced with a dilemma – either brushing it off with a giggle, or actually letting this random person touch you. It’s a dilemma of greatness!

3. Everyone is going to ask if you take steroids.

anchor arms

I have training partners who used to tell me “That just means you are good, and shattering others expectations.” Sure that’s cool to think about the first few times it happens, but then it’s old. Sometimes I just answer with, “Duh, didn’t you know every strong female who lifts and builds muscle is on juice?  Remember, women can’t build muscle like men”…or something dumb like that. Plus, we have to downplay a shit ton of hard work and come up with other reasons women get muscles so we can feel better about ourselves. Take it as accomplishing a new level of greatness.

4. Having to wear “normal people” clothes is going to be a struggle.


Remember number 1, where shopping makes you want to pull your hair out?  So will getting invited to events where you can’t just wear your sweats and be happy. This literally means any event that calls for anything fancier than your nicest yoga pants is going to cause you anxiety. I am smart and decided to be a nurse so I could wear scrubs all day (hello, it’s like wearing pjs to work) then I go home and put workout clothes on, so, I have it pretty nice. However, I have to base my acceptance of invitations based on whether or not I will stand in agony for hours staring in my closet trying to find something that’s acceptable for those normal people events.

5. You are going to check squat depth any time you bend down.


I am not making this up; sooner or later you are going to be practicing your squat form every time you drop something, or sit on the toilet. It’s like a rite of passage or something. You might practice your deadlift lockout more times outside of the gym than on actual deadlift day. I mean why not?! Why waste that opportunity to improve upon that sought after awesomeness! I think every time I bend/lean over I think about my deadlift form!

6. You will have bruises all over that people are going to ask about.

unexplained bruises

This is one of my favorites about being a lifter! I mean, besides being strong and all that stuff… that’s kind of cool too, but I enjoy when others ask about my weird bruises. Those who understand them make me even happier! It’s like a badge of honor you wear and think is totally normal, while others will question your safety. Either way—you get a great laugh and great facial expressions explaining them.

7. Your shoe collection will change.


You will no longer own a bazillion pairs of those cute high-heeled pumps (well maybe you will) but you will soon start to see the beauty in sneakers, weightlifting shoes, cross trainers—anything that you can wear to the gym! Your bag may be filled with 3-4 pairs at any given time as well. People will notice and comment on this.

8. You will avoid things that could mess up your training.


This can be in any situation—going out all night drinking, your diet choices, and your choices in friends. Anything. When you are someone who loves the gym and you’re dedicated to lifting weights and living that lifestyle, you will make choices that support that. When I am close to competition my main goal is not to get hurt. It’s called “operation don’t injure yourself.” I am not even kidding about this one! I won’t do stupid stuff in the gym to show off, I will be careful outside of the gym not to fall (it happens often I am clumsy) I won’t go out and have late nights, etc. All because I am trying to be awesome and those things do not help those goals.

9. You can carry your groceries all by yourself.


Yah, having help is great and always appreciated but having the physical means to do so will reassure yourself of your strength and capabilities. Plus, don’t act like it’s not a race or competition to see if you can carry all the bags in with one trip! You know you have all done it :p

10. You will miss lifting when you are unable to do so.

missed workout

As this has been the story of my life lately (given my last 12 weeks off from much training so I could graduate) I have come to appreciate missing the gym. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or something, right?! But in all honestly, I believe this is a sign you are truly a lifter, and truly committed to this stuff! This is something most will not understand, but those who partake in the strength journey and love training will totally know this feeling!

I think there are many reminders we face as fitness enthusiasts that many will not understand; especially being a female. Chalk those up to building awesomeness, and KEEP ON LIFTING!