Sandra’s Journey and Discovering ETP

Sandra’s Journey and Discovering ETP

Here’s Sandra’s story, in her own words:

“My journey to get to where I am today has been long and steady.  I struggled with being overweight in high school which led to an eating disorder.  Once I got through that I started to really discover who I was.  I moved away from home and into the city.  I began to work with a personal trainer, then started doing a variety of boot camps and started weight watchers.  I began to love fitness (this coming from the girl who used any excuse in the book to get out of PE class).  The harder the workout the better!  I lost about 60 lbs over a course of a few years.  I loved how I looked and felt.  However, I was following such a restricted way of eating that I began to lose my social life.  I was counting points and exercising sometimes 2x day.  Eventually, I started to relax a bit and the weight started creeping back on…not a lot…only about 15lbs.

I then moved to Africa for 3 years and put on a little more weight, not great food choices out there nor the ability to exercise.  I got married while I was out there and about 6 months before moving back to Canada my parents sent me the Insanity workout DVDS….yay, I shed the 20lbs I put on!  As soon as we got back to Canada in Sept 2010, I got pregnant (all the weight I just lost was regained!).  However, I refused to allow my pregnancy to be reason to let myself go….I exercised through my pregnancy, ate well and only gained 18 lbs.

After my son was born I started up with boot camps again and then in December of 2011 I discovered cross training!  I found my happy place! I also started back with Weight watchers and got back down to the 155lbs mark.  Again I was counting points and restricting certain foods.  Not a fun way to live! That only lasted so long and when I stopped counting points I put on about 10 lbs again.  Here I was hovering at about 165lbs but I was probably in the best shape of my life at 33 years old!  I was competing in competitions and loving it.  A lot of people at my box were trying paleo but I just couldn’t do paleo.  I knew it wasn’t something I could stick with long term.  It was too restricted for me.  I incorporated some paleo but definitely not all out paleo.

Then in September 2012 I got pregnant with my second child.  Again, I never wanted to use pregnancy as an excuse.  I didn’t ever want to resent my kids because I let myself go and ate whatever I wanted.  I trained up to my 30 week mark, had my 2nd csection in may 2013 and then had to take another 10 weeks off training..a total of about 4 months off.

During this time I had liked the ETP page on FB.  I was reading the daily posts and contemplated joining the science lab…however, I was scared!  How could I possibly eat carbs and lose fat!?!?!  I emailed with another member who told me to just try it….so in September I joined and 30 days later I am shocked!

I am eating 2x the amount of food I used to, eating forbidden foods (white rice, cereal, treats etc) and I am stronger and leaner!  I haven’t gained any weight on the scale, I am lifting heavier in the gym and getting PRS and I am more lean and defined.  I realized very quickly that for the amount of exercise I was doing, I wasn’t eating nearly enough.  I spent so many years restricting myself, not enjoying food, counting points and although I lost weight I wasn’t having a tonne of fun doing so and I wasn’t maintaining!  Now I enjoy a glass of red wine almost every night….eat dark chocolate daily….cereal before bed….ETP works!  I was a skeptic but no longer!”