Starting Strongman


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After my not-so-great performance at the LA FitExpo I had decided I would finally take a little time off from powerlifting (bodybuilders have an “off-season” so let’s call it that!) and focus on healing the back injury I’ve been battling for months, get the negative feelings out of my head, and come back feeling the excitement I have grown to know and love surrounding competition.

Although it’s been extremely frustrating not being able to squat heavy, or chase PR deadlifts like I want to, it’s been interesting doing other things in the gym I don’t normally do; making it through a mobility circuit was humbling to say the least.

However, I seem to be faced with the same question over and over: “When are you going to compete next?”

Well, here goes nothing – I have decided to sign up and attempt a strongman competition!

I have always had an interest in competing in one, but, it’s usually been around the same time I was planning to do a powerlifting meet.  Now that I have been unable to squat or pull at the level needed to improve my strength in these lifts, I have shifted gears so to speak.

Although it’s something I am not familiar with, I am excited! I feel like I am reliving my first powerlifting meet—where I basically said, “Sure, I’ll do a meet, I just lift stuff right?” I may show up and do terrible but but oddly enough, I am seeing excitement in that uncertainty.

It’s worth mentioning I am still not avoiding movements that give me pain. So, when attempting rack pulls the other night I had to stop; I have been able to deadlift but at a substantially lower weight, and I have resorted to lunges and other accessory lower body lifts to work areas I would otherwise during squats. I started doing some farmers walks with dumbbells and even some curls (oh ya, those happened) J I will incorporate lifts that mimic the events at the competition, and hopefully get stronger in my “off season”.  After all, they do call it STRONGman right?!—it can’t make me weaker!

I am hoping that in the mix of rehabbing my back, working on mobility work, and working with events/lifts I don’t normally train, my outcome will be an overall improvement in strength. That way, when I am feeling better physically, I can come back to kick that squat’s butt!

So for all of you who will be there to witness my first attempts at strongman, I thank you for not laughing ahead of time! I hear you don’t even get to wear your singlet—now that’s just crazy! 😉