“Good Nutrition vs. Bad Nutrition” by James Barnum

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What separates a good nutrition plan from a bad one?

A bad nutrition plan:
1. may fail to provide you with an appropriate amount of Calories – either too few or too many. This can make losing fat or building muscle IMPOSSIBLE.
2. can conflict with your personal preferences and natural approach to eating, making it incredibly difficult to adhere long-term.
3. might place restrictions on energy-dense food sources and UNINTENTIONALLY cause undereating.
4. may INTENTIONALLY limit carbohydrate intake, resulting in premature fatigue during exercise and other activities.
In contrast, a good nutrition plan:
1. will provide an appropriate amount of Calories based upon the goals of the individual.
2. will fit into the lifestyle and personal preferences of the individual.
3. will emphasize energy-dense whole foods in order to maintain proper energy balance.
4. will provide a balanced approach to carbohydrates that optimizes performance during exercise.