ETP Testimonials: Stefanie’s Two Month Progress!

Steffanie H.

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Here’s Stefanie in her own words:

“My name is Stefanie. My trainer is Josh Brinkley in Tahlequah. He told me to email you my stats. I started training in May 2013. I was instantly hooked. However, I was not eating enough and therefore not able to lift what I wanted or go as far/fast as I knew I could. In August 2013 my husband Dustin and I started training with Josh. He told us about Eat To Perform and I took his advice to heart. I read every article I could get my eyes on and bought the MetFlex book.

I plugged in my numbers to the ETP calculator and couldn’t believe how much I was supposed to eat. In August, 2013, I weighed 132lbs and had 19% body fat. I struggled over the next few months because the scale kept creeping up. I would get discouraged in the bathroom on the scale but I started PR’ing all my lifts. I went from barely cleaning 100lbs to cleaning 135lbs. I decided to ignore the scale. I felt amazing and strong. That mattered more to me than the number.



I’ve always had trouble sleeping soundly. When I started loading carbs before bed, I passed OUT and slept all night. I felt rested. Instead of taking melatonin I created my own by eating! Now, it’s October, and I weigh 140lbs. I took my body fat this morning and it’s down to 17%. After doing the math, I figured out that I went from 107lbs of lean body mass to 116lbs! I gained 9lbs of muscle?!

I am just a mom; a normal, every day person. I chase my boys, take them to soccer and make them clean their rooms. I made a few adjustments to what and when I eat and I bust my ass in the gym. It’s still unbelievable, to me, what I’ve accomplished! As embarrassed as I am to attach pics, I did anyway because if I can look lean and muscular at 140lbs, maybe it will encourage someone else to shove their scale into the back of their closet too!! Thanks! “

-Stefanie H.

Thank you for sharing your story Steffanie!

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