Reebok Power Lite Shoes – Powerlifting

Reebok Power Lite Shoes – Powerlifting

John Cena

John Cena unboxing a pair of Reebok Power Shoes

Reebok has set up a link with pictures, there will be a limited selection initially, the shoes are being release on 1.24.14.  Click this link to check out that page and sign up to get updated once the shoes are released.

Also here is a link if you want to customize your own pair or Lite TR Power Shoes.

I really don’t think there is a shoe that has me more excited than Reebok’s new Power Shoes (they are actually being called the “Power Lite” shoes, they have multiple versions pictured below.  One is a fabric version and the other is a leather version. One great thing about the pair are the soles. If you’re looking for something that has lot of grip, then the sole is what provides this. The sole material should be in the description when getting one; ideally, made from rubber or gum rubber. You should also check the description to see if the sole has any other additional extra grip features.  Expect these in early 2014 and Lilly Harvey’s review on ShoeAdviser.  I’ll try and get more images and information as they are released.

Here is a video of Mark Bell doing work and describing the shoe and why the design is a good fit for powerlifters.

Leather Power Shoe Other side Leather Power Shoes

Here are the most recent pics of the leather version.  Click to Enlarge.

Two version of reebok power shoes

Mark Bell showing off the blue version.

Reebok Power in Blue

Stan Efferding rocking the leather version of the Reebok Power Shoe

Reebok Power

Three Shot’s from Jesse Burdick of (I believe he and Mark Bell designed the shoe)

Reebok Powerlifting 1

Reebok Powerlifting 2

Reebok Powerlifting 3

All Black with Red Trim

Reebok Power Black with Red Trim

These are the new low top versions for women

womens reebok power shoes

Reebok Power Shoes