Question and Answer with Elisabeth Akinwale

Elisabeth Akinwale

She’s a little busy at the moment (training for regionals) but if you want to be in the same group with one of the fittest women on the planet join the Science Lab.  Click Here for info.

Time Stamps for the Video:

01:05 Elisabeth introduces herself, briefly details her career, learning to Eat To Perform, Paleo

05:10 (Elisabeth’s mic cuts out)

05:30 Interview recommences.  Elisabeth talks about leaning out on Paleo, cheating on “almond butter, an apple and diet soda” and “newbie gains”

09:40 Feeling “depleted on a regular basis”, adding fats through clean foods, Vikings or Bears, and “opening the floodgate” to replenish carbohydrate stores

13:35 Carb Back-loading and how it isn’t about eating doughnuts and turnovers, using carbs to speed up your metabolism, altering “The Zone Diet” for performance

16:20 Talking about SPN “Sweet Potato Recovery Fuel” and satiation

18:25 Elisabeth talks about Paleo, Rich Froning’s cookie strategy, and the challenges of being a parent as well as a high-performing athlete

22:30 The differences between male and female athletes, eating on training days, nutrition snobs, and how everyone is different

25:45 Paul talks about an upcoming article about his pizza strategy, inflammation, intuitive eating, and carb/fat cycling, differences between men and women when considering carbohydrate intake

30:50 Elisabeth talks about the cultural perspective of underfeeding for women, how some people wear calorie deprivation as a “badge of honor” and simple dietary modifications to increase calories

32:20 “The Cinnamon Roll Challenge”, losing weight by eating more, the success of Eat To Perform

34:10 Competition day nutrition, the advantages of liquid nutrition, late-night eating and flexible meal timing

38:25 Intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast and intraday hormone optimization, how any diet be harmful if done wrong

41:20 biochemical individuality, aging, being open-minded and continuously adapting your nutrition strategy and the wrap-up


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