A Foundation of Food

A Foundation of Food

I am a firm believer in whole foods that reduce systemic inflammation. Some of these foods, however, will not work for every individual. I recommend that everyone seriously consider having a food allergy test performed by a doctor before trying any new foods.

(Before you check out the list below I made this short video to talk about why some energy dense sources make sense for almost everyone)

Meat & Eggs

o Grass fed/pastured animals have much better lipid profiles (more Omega 3, less Omega 6) than grain fed, so don’t avoid fatty cuts under these circumstances.
o If grass fed is not available, opt for lean cuts.
o Pastured eggs are rich in Omega 3


o Wild-caught fish is better (more Omega 3)
o Cod
o Herring
o Oysters
o Salmon
o Halibut
o Sardines
o Tuna
o Trout
o Striped Bass
o White Fish
o Snapper


o Berries (the darker the better)
o Pineapple
o Papaya
o Blueberries (anti-oxidants to the max)
o Cranberries
o Goji berries
o Mulberries
o Cherries
o Apples
o Kiwi
o Lemon
o Avocados
o Oranges
o Rhubarb
o Limes
o Guava
o Coconut (technically can be a nut and seed too)
o Bananas



o Cruciferous Vegetables – Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Kale, just to name a few, these are the anti-inflammatory all stars, if you just ate these you would be doing quite well for yourself
o Ginger
o Green Beans
o Kale (go to vegetable for salads, lettuce is for wimps)
o Olives
o Spring Onions (mostly green)
o Leeks
o Spinach
o Sweet Potatoes
o Chards
o Bell Pepper (all colors)
o Bok Choy
o Fennel
o Mushrooms
o Brussels Sprouts
o Sauerkraut
o Squash
o Cucumbers
o Tomato
o Chilis
o Kelp

Fats and Oils (great energy dense options)

o Clarified Butter or Ghee
o Coconut Oil (great for cooking, remains stable at high temperatures)
o Coconut Milk (sauces are phenomenal, use this to make curries)
o Extra Virgin Olive Oil
o Avocado Oil (also a good high temperature option)
o Walnut Oil
o Grape Seed Oil

Nuts (be careful with nuts, they are calorically dense and often very processed)

o Macadamia Nuts
o Hazelnuts and Filberts
o Chestnuts

These are OK, just don’t eat a ton

o Almonds
o Brazil Nuts
o Cashews
o Pecans
o Pistachios
o Walnuts
o Seeds (limit these as well)
o Pine Nuts
o Sesame Seeds
o Pumpkin Seeds
o Sunflower Seeds
o Hemp Seeds
o Flax Seeds
o Chia Seeds

Starches for Athletes (we are all athletes)

o White Rice (mostly around your workouts if possible)
o Potatoes (sweet/white/red/yellow)
o Quinoa
o Squash (sweeter varieties)
o Bananas
o Oats

As I mentioned in the video, these foods are the foundation of good nutrition, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for things like wheat, dairy and sugar if they’re well tolerated, fit into your macros, and are appropriate for your goals.

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