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ETP Calculator – Learn EXACTLY How Much You Need To Eat

Many of you looking at the ETP Calculator for the first time might think “But I don’t want to count calories.”  Well, I don’t want you to either – I refer to this calculator as “The Wake Up Call” for fat loss because low calorie/low carb diets and high intensity exercise don’t mix well.  Run the calculator and ask yourself honestly if you are eating enough to fuel your performance, because if you aren’t it’s holding you back from your goals.  The exact number isn’t as important as the approach you’re taking.

Using The Calculator

I would also suggest watching this video before using the calculator.  It will give you a better idea how to use it to it’s full advantage, along with various changes you can make for what feels the most right for you.

Also you can click to enlarge the video and some of the numbers will be more clear.

Fat Guidelines that we suggest to get you rolling

Women 50g-75g (I would default to 75g in most instances) Men 100g-125g (I would default to the lower number in most instances) NOTE:  Many people adjust the carbs lower and end up getting a higher fat number.  They try this with high fat, using a lot of oils to get there.  This is a mistake.  Try solving for “carbs” using the parameters below.  (Also note that adjusting protein higher is typically favorable and will keep your carbs at a reasonable level.  This is a guide, not a rule). The simple fact is that if you want to get your metabolism kick-started, carbs and protein are where it’s at.  That said, you want to try and play with things a bit; you are in charge, not a calculator on the internet.  The goal is adequate protein and moderate carbs/fat.

Eat To Perform Calculator

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  1. Christopher Douglas

    I just used your calculator and have a question. Using the body fat method I was told I expend 4700kcal/day and need to consume 696g of carbs based on 150g of fat/day. To me this sounds very hard to do as I already have a struggle to eat 3600kcal/day using the CBL method. Should I aim to have a higher fat target? Stats: 5’5 175lbs 10% BF used the very active option on calculator. I Lift 5-6 times/week and wod 4-5 times/week. It’s not uncommon for multiple sessions in a day 2-3 times/week. Thanks Chris

  2. Paul Nobles

    You don’t need that many carbs, it’s calories that matter but you do need some carbs, maybe start at 250g and work up as it feels more correct eating in a window similar to CBL for behavior modification.

    Yes, you want more fat.

  3. Mark

    HI Paul,
    Just finished reading the CBL book. Couple of questions and how it relates to the calculator. I am an avid CFer, following more of the Outlaw way though. I go 4-5days per week with 1-2days of 2 a days. I am 6’5″, 265lbs. I am about 16%BF. Would like to get leaner 10-12% range and maybe 250lbs. Based on CBL i would want to consume 875gr of carb? I guess i am trying to figure out a starting point. I was not a paleo fan so I am doing the 10 day low carb. precursor. But when complete i was just trying to figure what to put for fats or carbs in the calculator.
    Thanks Mark

  4. Eat to Perform for Crossfit.. and then eat a little less - Wine to Weightlifting

    […] Now, it’s time to tweak. My new baseline template, with a TDEE of 2428 calories, is Protein: 150g, Carbs: 288g, Fats: 75g. On control days, carbs are reduced to 150g. This is still a considerable amount of food, though I may need to stop justifying little treats (ahem.. sour Starburst jellybeans..) here and there that I was before if I want to stick to my partially aesthetic-based goals. (To find out more specifics for your own use, you can check out the ETP Calculator). […]