Reebok Nano Sprint Shoes (with new styles of shoes and apparel)


New Reebok Nano Sprint

The red shoe above is the new “Nano Sprint” this shoe will basically replace the “Nano Speed”, at first glance they look similar but when you look at them side by side there is a lot of difference and I expect this version to be more popular.  Expect these to show up early in the summer.  Most of the other items pictured will be sprinkled in with upcoming releases.  There will be some items showing up in January but most of the “newer” products like the Reebok Power Lites are set to show up on February 1st.

For more info and products as they are released you can or to customize a new pair of Nano’s or Lifter’s click this link.


Womens Camo Shorts


Green Camo Women’s Hoodie


Ice Blue Lifter Plus


Women’s Blue Camo Hoodie