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This is my history with HDL (the good stuff) and Triglycerides (free flowing fats).  When you use both energy systems when they are needed most and eat adequate amounts of food everything changes.  People tend to focus on the aesthetics (abs) when they have it figured out.  This is an example of how to get their using mostly fats at rest and carbs for intense activity.  Which is what will be described when you buy Met Flex for Fat Loss.

For someone that talks about carbs a lot I eat a lot of fat, sometimes 1800 calories in just fat alone.  So if you want to show someone that has high cholesterol at least one template on how to get on the path to optimal health have them at least consider mine.

In 1998 I would have been in my 20’s and firmly entrenched in a high processed carbohydrate way of eating.  I went from a relatively active teenager to a highly inactive adult that smoked and ate for joy all of the time.

In 1999 I cut down on some Doritos which was favorable for cholesterol but my Triglycerides were through the roof (fatty acids in my bloodstream).   I did start to eat like an adult on occasion but mostly I just avoided the doctor because I knew it would just be bad news.

In 2007 I lost a lot of weight I went from about 210 pounds to 175 pounds.  I used a mostly low carbohydrate way of doing things, this was the final nail in the “chronic dieting” chapter of my life.  I was only marginally healthier and now my TSH numbers were high as well.  So much for that “standard advice” of “you need to lose some weight”.  It seemed like the real answer was a bit more complex.  All of that dieting was a contributing factor to what was now being diagnosed as hypothyroidism.

In 2011 you can sort of see the genesis of when I really started to figure things out for myself.  I had spent much of 2010 pouring over research because I said to myself “you are too smart to be fat”.  Performance became my driver and the pounds came off even though I was eating a good amount of food (sound familiar).  As my approach became more refined things got better as I added a majority whole foods component.

In late August of 2011 I had been working out with intensity for about a month, the biggest changes came in my HDL, I really embraced fats and cholesterol (like we do).  From then until now embracing fats and cholesterol has added up to 17 pounds of muscle.

And also a completely different person…….


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