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Almost from the moment I started this page I was getting pitched by supplement companies, many of which I have tried their products and did not like, so that was an easy decision.  While we might have a discussion on the value of whey protein to Paleo athletes, in general, I recommend it for most people under 15% body fat.  For people over 15% I tend to want them to take a more real food approach (partly because supplements are a real easy way to get a lot of energy density and that won’t help those folks).  That of course is just my personal recommendation, you can certainly do what you like and it’s not as if 15% or lower is some sort of gold standard.  So keep that in mind.

To flavor supplements you have to do one of two things, flavor it with an artificial additive (in the Paleo world that looks like Stevia) or flavor it with starches and sugars (typically Maltodextrin and maybe Dextrose in rare instances).  Some of the more popular products in the community I can’t even choke down because they have so much damned Stevia in them.  It shouldn’t be called Chocolate or Vanilla flavored it should be called Stevia flavored.

Simply Pure Nutrients doesn’t taste like that, it tastes like real food because it is real food.  The nutrient density in this stuff is off the charts.  It’s not overly sweet so if you are looking for a supplement that tastes like a snickers bar this won’t be that.  75% of the people will love the taste.  For the other 25% I would ask you what your goals are.  Are you lean? Then maybe a teaspoon of dextrose will be the flavor you might like best (the 15 calories ain’t gonna kill you and dextrose is pure glucose meaning it prioritizes muscle glycogen replenishment).  Beast moding not your thing, add a bit of Stevia.  I’ll make some videos soon about these other options but coconut milk, whole milk or coconut water are all great options.  Lastly let me make a pitch for good old water.  Like I said it won’t taste like ice cream in water but if you avoid sugars most of the time you will like the taste.

The Crown Jewel for me though is the Sweet Potato recovery mix

I have a dairy protein allergy that was more acute when I was a child.  As far as I can tell it only slightly affects my cardio when I have too much in my system (hard to say because my cardio won’t blow your mind no matter what).  I have used egg protein in the past but that never tasted right with various stuff I made.  The Sweet Potato mix is a recovery drink that you would use post workout that has sweet potatoes as the base and egg protein at about a 2.5:1 ratio.  For a post workout drink that’s a real good ratio.  Once again you can try it various ways but for this product water works well because it already has a sweet flavor.

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Sweet Potato Mix

The price on the Sweet Potato Recovery Fuel is $49.99

Check out the Nutrition Info on the Sweet Potato Recovery

Sweet Potato with Elite

The combo as a special deal to our readers is $89.99

Here is Nutrition Info for Elite Recovery Product

Sweet Potato Pro3 Combo

This is the best stuff they sell, you really have to look at the nutrition info to truly appreciate this product.

The combo as a special deal to our readers is $99.99

Vitamin Info

Nutrition Info

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