Want to lose 18 pounds of fat in 3 months? (Now 25.5 after 6 months)


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This is an update after 6 months (she is still killing it):

Here is a quote from Maggie “I’m definitely in the middle of the pack at the box, I’ve never made the leaderboard (though a few weeks ago, I was only one or two reps off), I don’t have meticulous lists of what I eat, I only CF 3x week, then do some at home lately (slow lifting, trying to get pull ups, situps, and pushups) and am fairly slow with cardio. I started with a Paleo Challenge for the first three months and then the last three have been mostly Paleo with a few non-Paleo meals here and there (pizza!), added white rice, liberally have red wine, and that’s about it. I can be more specific, but wanted to confirm that I wasn’t going over the top on anything, not even close.”

So in short if you think she is some genetic outlier you are wrong.  She just found an approach and continues to hammer it.

Maggie Martin


Also please notice how I don’t need to embarass Maggie with before and after pictures to prove my point.

This is the original article with her astonishing 3 month numbers

This is Margaret Martin, she lost 18 pounds of fat in 3 months (measured at the University of Minnesota). She didn’t lose 18 pounds, she actually only lost 15 pounds but when you are new to intense training, dormant muscles wake up. Also this isn’t MY story, changing behavior is hard, no matter what that behavior is but I will tell you my advice to Margaret and it’s the reason I don’t make a lot of money off of people as a nutrition coach.
“Don’t diet, the worst thing you can do is come in here and try to kill yourself every day underfed. Change what you eat not how much. Also add weight to the bar but don’t hurt yourself, harder isn’t better, harder is a formula for getting hurt.”

After that we barely talked. The cardio is slow for a lot of people just starting off and they make it worse struggling under heavy weights they can’t handle. Maggie was strong and eating and showing up made her stronger, left he less stressed out and in general led to awesomeness.

Lastly let me say that I have seen well over a 1,000 BodPods. I have never seen one better than Maggie’s for a gal. Maggie asked me if that was good improvement, my response to her was “every woman (or man for that matter) in this gym would stab you to lose 18 pounds of fat, so yeah, it’s kind of a big accomplishment”.

The Details

Here are more numbers because #datadontlie (as you can see Margaret came in strong as hell)



Overhead Press-65/75

Baseline (this was a baseline workout she did when she first started working out)7:39-black band, knees 5:57-green band, no knees.

Also check out Maggie’s write up with more specifics about how she lost so much fat in six months.  It’s actually quite surprising how much she ate and little she exercised in that process.

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