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My goal is for the seminars to be free when people use links on this site.  Unfortunately that will probably never happen with but buying stuff you would have already bought using this link supports our site and keeps the content rolling.

We now offer a paid option as well

For some people they want may want to join the science lab but have no need for any of the products we sell.  For those people we have a $4.95 monthly recurring option.  The details and “Science Lab” sign in can be found on this page.

I am still sorting out the schedule (and will release it publicly) but I am going to try and use various times of the day to meet everyone’s needs.  I will be using the new Google Live Hangouts software and will be sending out invites and times for people to stop by.

For the quickest access to the Science Lab using the free option it is best to sign up using this link and then follow the steps below.

To get the free offers simply send the order numbers from Simply Pure Nutrients, Rogue (for orders $50 and up) and Carb Back Loading.

The email is  This email is for business inquiries, if you email me asking for advice using this method I’m probably going to let you down because someone actually checks this email for me.  I rarely see it.  It serves an administration function.

Why Do I Have to Buy Carb Back Loading to participate?

You don’t, you can now also buy any of the products from Simply Pure Nutrients using the same process where you simply email me your order number.  You will also get the seminars free with a purchase from Rogue using the links on this site (that’s important because when you email me I match it up with the information I get from Rogue, this is for orders over $50).

You might want to consider it though.

The method I teach people is covered in CBL, that is why it is the only book I sell.  I have not really seen a better book as it relates to “Metabolic Flexibility” and it is a great starting point for the discussion.

Made in America

But I despise Carbs with a passion, yuck yuck yuck, what should I do?

Reconsider your position.  No macronutrient is the enemy and if you want a well functioning metabolism you should have a strategy as it relates to carbohydrate intake.  Ultimately though Carb Back Loading (ironically) is really a book about fat.  Both mobilizing it and eating it correctly and then using carbohydrates to mobilize it.

What if you can’t help me?

I’ll refund your money no questions asked.  What I won’t be doing however is become your doctor (even though I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night).  I like to refer to myself as a “fatologist” I know a whole bunch about one thing that seems very important to a lot of people.  Most body fat struggles are just a manifestation of something that is off along the way.  In this series we will explore that and I suspect it will be very enlightening for everyone.

Ok, I am convinced but I haven’t bought the book, am I still eligible?

Yes, use this link to purchase Carb Back Loading, shoot me your order number and I will email you the schedule for the upcoming week.

carb back loading button

What if none of those times work for me?

I will be doing them to accomodate everyone’s needs, if you don’t see a time that works simply email me and I will make arrangements so that everyone that purchases the book gets this special promotion.

Also one HUGE benefit that will only be available to members will be the time stamping of the seminars.  While we will publish most, if not all, seminars only subscribed members will get time stamped info that makes watching the videos a much easier process.

Do you really have a mohawk and aren’t you a 44 year old man and father to 2 daughters? What the hell is it that you do that allows you to walk around with said mohawk and what does your wife think about that thing?

Firstly you know way too much about me.  Secondly, “what it is I do” will be covered in the series and you will find out exactly why this page went from 0 to whatever many likes it has now in only a few days.  I know what I am talking about.  Period.  I will say this though, I am not Kiefer, what we will talk about will just use Carb Back Loading as a back drop and then I will apply my knowledge base on top of that.  It’s easy to do back loading wrong, I can help put together the pieces a bit.

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