Paleo meal plan example

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Here is an example of a good whole foods diet plan, I based this information off of the BodPod readings both my wife and I get from the Univerity of Minnesota, I hope this helps put a real world example on the “interpreting Paleo” article.

Paleo meal plan example 

My wife has 107 pounds of lean mass, from what I have seen for most gals this is pretty close to average. Same could be said for mine at 140 pounds. If you think you are an outlier you might be but if you workout with intensity I can assure you this is pretty close to the amount of food you need.

What 2,343 calories (this is for women, men is below) looks like when eating mostly whole foods

Breakfast, 2 Large Eggs with 4 slices of bacon for breakfast with half an avocado on top (eggs cooked with ghee)

Lunch, Power green salad with Spinach, Kale and Chard with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with hidden valley ranch (keepin it real) with an 8 ounce chicken breast

For snack let’s have a 16 ounce Kombucha Guava Goddess with a quarter cup of unsalted sunflower seeds and 2 squares of dark chocolate hazelnut from Trader Joe’s

Dinner AND Dessert

6 ounce grass fed Tenderloin Filet (butter on top) with a side of sweet potatoes baked with MCT oil. For dessert coconut milk smoothie made with a can of Trader Joes Light, a bag of frozen dark cherries and 1/3 of a bag of frozen pineapple (split it with spouse or kids, it makes a lot).

For gals (carbs 176, Fat 143 and Protein 113) Slightly more than my wife’s lean body mass (I base protein needs on LBM for people that eat mostly whole foods)

For guys 2863 can be done by simply switching out the Filet for a ribeye
(carbs 176, fats 190, protein 139) The protein is almost exactly equal grams in lean body mass for me.

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